Premier Star update for the 2013 season

Premier Star DisplayPremier Star continued to gain momentum in the Asian markets this year, consolidating on success in Thailand and finding new fans in Malaysia, India and the United States.   

Importers confirmed colour was spectacular this year, which attracted new customers to the variety. The first container of Premier Star shipped into Malaysia sold within 10 days without any advertising. This is a great achievement for a new variety. Retailers and wholesalers instead bought on sight, based on the colour, after being introduced to the variety. In Thailand, retail distribution was increased to four different chains, further increasing market awareness.

The aim with Premier Star returns is to achieve a premium over and above Royal Gala. In our fixed price markets for Class 1 fruit, Premier Star out-performed Royal Gala by close to NZ$4 per 18kg carton.

Premier Star arrived in the USA with great fanfare and interest. Consequent pressure issues on some shipments did end up having an impact on prices. However, in large size fruit where crunch was great, Premier Star achieved NZ$35 per 18kg carton, which is a fantastic result for a new variety in a market where there are a lot of new apple varieties vying for consumer attention on retail shelves. Our USA importer remains confident Premier Star will be a winner next year once we resolve late market pressure issues with Smartfresh treatment.

Premier Star Gold Label2014 will see bigger production, allowing for Premier Star to expand into new markets in Vietnam, China, Russia and the Middle East, where we have eager importers waiting to handle the variety.   

The future continues to look bright for Premier Star!

Jane Quinn, International Trade, D M Palmer NZ Ltd