Who Are Premier Orchards?

On the Waimea Plains in the Nelson region of New Zealand, apple growers Greg and Stephanie Buck have owned and managed Premier Orchards since it was first planted with apples back in 1990. Braeburn, Fuji and Royal Gala were the varieties planted initially, converting to Premier Star from 2007 using semi dwarfing rootstocks (M9 and M26).

Following their discovery of the block red 'sport' apple on a Royal Gala tree within their orchards in 1999, the couple have spent the last 10 years developing the new Premier Star apple variety.

In 2009, conversion of Premier Orchards' home block to 10,000 Premier Star trees was completed, bringing the total number of Premier Star trees in New Zealand to approxmately 18,000.

Pictured: Steph and Greg Buck of Premier Orchards. Photo courtesy Barbara Dunn.