The History Of Premier Star (PVR)

Learn about the history of the Premier Star (PVR) apple variety.

1999: Discovered as an Imperial Gala sport in Premier Orchards by Greg and Stephanie Buck.

1999-2000: Fruit stability carefully monitored.

2001: First small plantings of trees started on M26 rootstocks. First fruit becomes available for demontration and testing purposes. A five year testing process begins.

2002: Application submitted for Plant Variety Right (PVR). Trees sent to HortResearch for evaluation.

2004: Planting of small numbers of as budwood allowed.

2005: Premier Star formally identified as a new Imperial Gala sport by HortResearch. Market evaluations conducted by ENZA and DM Palmer in conjunction with Four Seasons Trading (USA).

2006: Original trees uplifted and replanted on the Premier Orchards home block.

2007: Plant Variety Right (PVR) granted. First commercial plantings of 2,500 Premier Star trees completed.

2008: First sale of commercial quantities of Premier Star trees. Waimea Nurseries granted exclusive international propagation rights for Premier Star (PVR) rootstocks and trees. DM Palmer granted exclusive international marketing contract.

2009: Final conversion planting of Premier Star on the Premier Orchards home block, bringing the total number of Premier Star trees planted in New Zealand to approximately 18,000. These are predominantly on M26 rootstocks.

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