Fixed prices for Premier Star 2013

Grower returns achieved for Premier Star in 2013

Here is the pricing details for 2013, averaged over all Fixed Price and Consignment sales. As trees mature in all blocks, so too will the fruit volume and eating quality continue to advance significantly in 2014. Attention to detail in harvest management and application of Smartfresh to improve storage life ensures all Premier Star arrives in all markets showing beautiful colour and eating quality. 

It is always the aim with Premier Star to achieve a premium over and above Royal Gala pricing. With Premier Star’s natural large sizing, we were able to realise this again for the third year running, achieving a NZ$3.77 premium.   

80 count @ NZ$31.13 per 18kg carton

90 count @ NZ$30.16 

100 count @ $29.03

110 count @ NZ$28.27

120 count @ NZ$26.97

135 count @ NZ$25.63 

150 count @ NZ$24.07